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Department of Mathematics


The department strives to create an atmosphere of learning to enable the students to develop sound cognitive and problem solving skills. The goal is to promote perseverance to achieve strong numerical maturity geared to meet the career prospects available due to ICT revolution. To sensitise the students to discharge the duties in real life with honesty and social integrity.



To inculcate quantitative and analytical skills so as to develop strong logical reasoning by stimulating human curiosity and to empower rural women with sound analytical and reasoning to face head on the highly competitive world.



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Faculty Details

Name Position
Mrs.S.A.Dhanalakshmi M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,PGDCA., Dean
Mrs.R.Jayalakshmi M.Sc., MPhil.,PGDCA., HOD
Kasthuri Muthusamy M.Sc.,M.Phil.,D.T.ED., Asst.Professor
Ms.Neelavathi N.R.  M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Asst.Professor
Mrs.S.Sampoornam M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor
Ms.L.Priya M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor
Ms.D.Gomathi M.Sc,M.Phil.,PGDCA., Asst.Professor
Ms.K.Vijayalakshmi M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor
Mrs.A.Poornima M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor
Ms.C.Priyadharsini M.Sc.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor
DHIVYA R. M.Sc., M.Phil. Asst.Professor
ANGEL.S M.Sc.,M.Phil Asst.Professor
BHUVANA.N M.Sc., Asst.Professor
SARANYA.M M.Sc.,M.Phil Asst.Professor
DEEPIKA.S M.Sc.,M.Phil Asst.Professor
ARUNPRIYA.S M.Sc., Asst.Professor
YAMUNARANI.P M.Sc.,M.Phil Asst.Professor


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