Hostel Fee Details

Hostel Fee Details


Our College offers comfortable accommodation to students coming from far-off places. The mess provides both vegetarian and non – vegetarian food and is run on dividing system. Audio – video recreational facilities and solar water heater facilities are available. Preparation of food is done hygienically by steam cooking to maintain good health. 24 hours uninterrupted power supply is provided through solar Energy system.


The students have to maintain a good discipline within the hostel. They should be civil to one another in the hostel and obey the rules at the hostel. Wastage of food and water is strictly prohibited. They will be permitted to go home periodically and holidays. They must return to college after the holidays. They should not extend their stay at home without prior permission.

Hostel Fee Details

The hostel admission fees of Rs. 50/- has to be paid every year. Refundable caution deposit of Rs. 2000/- is to be deposited at the time of admission. Establishment charge for UG is Rs.5000/- and for PG is Rs.6000/- per annum.

The hostel mess is run on dividing system. No concession will be given for any absence including late joining or early departure during a term. The approximate mess fees will be in the range of Rs.2300/- to Rs.2800/- per month.

The boarding charge for a month will be announced before the 5th of every month. Hostel students must pay the fees on or before 15th of that month. A fine of Rs. 15/- will be collected up to the end of the month. If payment is made in the next month, the fine will be Rs. 40/- will be colleced.