Physical Education

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Playfields and Sport facilities :

  • Playfields for outdoor games like kabadi, volleyball, hand ball, foot ball and hockey are available
  • Facilities to play indoor games like table-tennis, chess, Carrom, shuttle-cock and badminton are available.
  • A well equipped gymnasium is functioning
  • An open-air theatre where yoga sessions are conducted.

Playfields and Sport facilities :

  • Performance in sports and games are preferred at the time of admission
  • Those students admitted under sports quota are given accommodation, food and eduction totally free.
  • 10% of the students strength i.e., 200 students are enjoying such a support from the management.
  • The management is liberal in spending for the upkeep of play fields, maintenance of sports equipments and availing the services of expert coaches for games like Kabadi, Hokey and Volleyball.
  • College teams are encouraged to participate in district/states/national level competitions and the total cost of participation is absorbed by the management. The class hours missed by the players are usually compensated by the concerned teachers through special sessions.

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Physical Education
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