Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science



S.noTitle of the PaperName of the AuthorName of the JournalImpact FactorDate of PublicationISSN NoVol NoIssue NoPage No
1Analysis Of Retinal Image Using Dynamic Histogram Equalization With Small Vessels Tracking And ReconstructionDr.D.KarthikaJournal Of Computational Information Systems21
H Index
June 20181553-9105144122-131
2Survey On Leaf Diseases Identification And Recognition Using E Color Difference,Multiple Classifier Algorithms And Principle Component Analysis For Dimension Reduction Ms.M.BanupriyaInternational Journal Of Research In Advent Technology-July 20182321-9637671572-1577
3Ensembled Pearson Chi-Square Feature Selection And Kernel Least Square Support Vector Classifier For Agriculture Seed GrowthMs.M.IndiraJournal Of Emerging Technologies And Innovative Research5.87September 20182349-516259391-400
4Detailed Review Of Various Methods For Diabetic Retinopathy Image AnalysisDr.D.KarthikaInternational Journal Of Scientific Research And Review6.1September 2018Issn:2279-543x79460-468
5Curvelet Based Seed Point Segmentation For Abnormalitydetection In Fetus Ultra Sound ImagesDr. V.S.LavanyaJournal Of Emerging Technologies And Innovative Research5.87September 20182349-516259339-348
6End-To-End Delay With Markavian Queuing Based Optimum Route Allocation For Manets International Journal Of Advanced Research In Computer Engineering And Technology3.69620182278-1323--1-6
7Detailed Review Of Various Methods For Dyslexia Detection MethodsDr.P.M.GomathiInternational Journal Of Scientific Research And Review6.1September 2018Issn:2279-543x79453-459
8Hybrid Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System-Runge-Kutta Classification And Extracted The Eye Movement FeaturesJournal Of Computational Systems21
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Sl.NoTitle of The PaperName of The AuthorNameof The JournalImpact FactorDate Of PublicationIssn. NoVol.NoIssue No.Page No.
1Curvelet Based Seed Point Segmentation For Abnormality Representation And Detection In Fetus Ultra Sound ImagesDr. V.S. LavanyaJournal Of Advanced Research In Dynamical & Control Systems6 H IndexApr-17Issn 1943-0234x1Special Issue64-71
2Hsv And Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Packet Transform Based Image Fusion For Satellite ImagesDr.G.DheepaIosr Journal Of Computer Engineering (Iosr-Jce)3.712May - June 2017E-Issn: 2278-0661,P-Issn: 2278-8727Volume 19Issue 3Pp 57-65
3An Approach To Oral Cancer Prognosis Using Gene Expression DatasetMs. S.KiruthikaIjcrcst0.565Sep-172395-532533-
4Empirical Model Decomposition Based Svm Classifier Abnormality Detection In Fetus Us ImagesDr. V.S. LavanyaInternational Journal Of Control Theory And Applications13 H Index2017Issn:0974-5572106217-231
5A Study Of Advanced Technologies Involving In Big Data AnalyticsDr. S. JayasankariJournal Of Computing And Intelligent Systems-Nov-17Issn 2456-9496--31-35
6A Survey Study On Feature Selection Based Classification TechniquesMs.M.IndiraInternational Journal Of Creative Research ThoughtsImpact Factor: 5.97Apr-18Issn 2320-2882621068-1071